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Top 5 tips for keeping your pearl jewellery stunning

Pearl is known as the queen of gems and makes for quite beautiful and graceful jewellery. A unique type of gemstone, jewellery made using pearl look stunning with almost every skin type. The best thing about pearl jewellery is that it can be worn with almost every type of dress and to events that are routine and exclusive as well.
There are two types of pearls that are used to make the jewellery, natural one as well as cultured ones. Presently cultured pearls are being preferred for making most of the jewellery. It is said that all beautiful things have certain mysteriousness about them and certain can be said about pearl jewellery. The gemstone is one of the most delicate and therefore it gets paramount to best care of the jewellery made using pearl.

 Although extremely important, the process of maintaining pearl jewellery is quite simpler and less painstaking. Here are 5 tips that you can take help to keep your pearl jewellery in stunning shape -

Make sure you wear the jewellery, after you are done with everything

One of the most and basis thing that you need to follow to keep intact the beauty of your pearl jewellery is to never wear it before applying make-up or fragrance. Perfumes contain chemical compound which can prove quite harmful for your pearl jewellery and may damage their colour as well.
So, it is highly advisable that you do not put perfume or scent over your pearl jewellery online. It can have affect on the structure of the jewellery as well.  Pearls are expensive and sensitive to chemicals and therefore you should always make it a point to wear the jewellery once you have done your full makeup.

Store your peals in a proper way

Pearls are special and quite expensive too.  The precious jewellery is more delicate than one may think. So in order to ensure that pearls stay beautiful and attractive forever, it is suggested to store them quite profoundly.
Although important, but taking care and storing the pearl jewellery is quite easy and painless task. The best thing that you can opt for to storing your jewellery is satin or cotton cloth. These are made available by the jeweller itself and keep your pearl stay away from scratches as well as pesticides. 
Make sure you are storing each piece of jewellery individually in order to ensure they remain free from scratch.

Wash your pearls occasionally-

It is believed that pearls are always appropriate, as they make a woman look her best and gorgeous.  However to make sure that your pearl jewellery stays in best shape and look stunning for longer period, it is suggested that you wash it occasionally. 

The best way that you can take help of to wash your jewellery is by using a piece of cotton cloth by dampening it lukewarm distilled water. Make sure you are not using tap water for this purpose as it has chlorine which can damage your jewellery. You can slowly and gently rub the cotton clothing to the jewellery until it gets cleaned.  In addition to water, you can also utilize natural soap to clean your pearls. 

Wear your pearl ring and bracelets occasionally-

Another invaluable tip that you can follow to keep your pearl jewellery timeless is to limit the use of the same. Rings and bracelets become more prone to scratching as they remain in hand.  Being quite delicate, peals get scratched or damaged quite easily. If you want to buy designer pearl jewellery bracelet online  at reasonable price.

So, to ensure that your accessory remains in best shape you can avoid wearing rings and bracelet to functions or occasions where your hands are going to keep busy.  
Wearing pearl accessories is a strict no if you are going to take part in any sports activity or will be involved with bathing or any type of work using hands.  Thus it is advisable that you utilize your pearl jewellery when attending exclusive events like marriage, engagement or any other gathering.

Inspect your jewellery regularly

Although beautiful and sacred, pearls need to be taken extra care of in order to stay shining and glowing.  It therefore becomes necessary that you inspect your accessories regularly to check the jewellery as whole.  When at the time of inspecting the jewellery you should check the strongness of the strands that hold the pearl.
You should also make sure that the settings are not loose and in case the pearls have gone stranded, then you can get them fixed with the help of your jeweller. You can ask your jeweller to knot the pearls as it will improve considerably the life of your jewellery and will make it quite stunning as well.

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